Tomás Saraceno. ARIA - Palazzo Strozzi strikes again

The first exhibition of 2020 at Palazzo Strozzi is Aria by Tomás Saraceno, an unmissable journey through the senses and nature.

The latest exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi, “Tomás Saraceno. Aria”, was launched on February 22 and will be open to the public until November 1, 2020. We were there to preview it to be able to tell you what kind of experience awaits you.

First of all, the artist. Born in San Miguel de Tucumán in Argentina in 1973, Tomás speaks almost perfect Italian having spent his childhood in the Bel Paese and having then studied at the IUAV in Venice when he was older. The impression he gave us is of the classic "type who would have a beer in hand, getting lost in his own thoughts”. This is evident when you see his works of art, not only of the artist’s personal expressions, but also a path full of meanings and connections.

How does Saraceno transmit his message? Through spiders.

Yes, actual spiders. Oracles of our past, present and future, spiders are a metaphor used throughout the exhibition. Saraceno's use of spiders presents a way to connect with their world and an opportunity to overcome our traditional hierarchical structures through which we conceive and organize ours.

As Saraceno explains, just as spiders emit vibrations through their webs to connect with what surrounds them, his works act as tools to perceive phenomena that go beyond our senses. This is how the artist transforms Palazzo Strozzi into an immersive space to go beyond an anthropocentric ideology and enhance the values ??of diversity, cooperation and interconnection.

Spiderwebs are natural works of art that are also a marvellous metaphor.

The human need for social networks and interconnection, particularly characterizing today's society, is instead looked at from the point of view of the relationship between man and nature, and of the contamination between the different sciences. A truly unique concept, Saraceno’s art is "philosophical and almost political", says mayor Dario Nardella. Indeed, Saraceno impresses with his multifaceted and creative research that combines art, natural and social sciences.

A sensory journey between lights, sounds, nature, existential questions and AIR.

Hence the name of the exhibition: Aria. As well as referring to themes and characteristic elements of the artist's work, it also seeks to be a warning to respect the planet and its atmosphere, now in a critical state, and to anticipate a new geological era. Aerocene focuses precisely on this precious element and also has musical implications given the presence in the exhibition of a work which explores the rhythmic vibrations of webs and the sonification of the gravitational waves coming from the Universe.

The exhibition is promoted and organized by the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation and Studio Tomás Saraceno, with the support of the Municipality of Florence, Regione Toscana, the Florence Chamber of Commerce and Fondazione CR Firenze and Terna. In collaboration with Manifattura Tabacchi and with the participation of IED. 

Credits photo header: Tomás Saraceno, A Thermodynamic Imaginary, 2020 © Photography by Ela Bialkowska, OKNOstudio