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What you will find

Cinema Spazio Uno’s history dates to the 1960s. At the time, the hall was one of the main movie-theater hubs in the city thanks to its well-developed and thorough film selection, which included film exhibitions, historical cinema and discussions about film. Spazio Uno was a go-to point for intellectuals and film enthusiasts, especially for those looking for movies outside of the mainstream film circuit.  

In 2002, after a series of events and a long period of crisis, the Spazio Uno project emerged. This hall reflects the oddity of its alternative film offerings and seeks to promote the understanding of cinematographic culture. 

The cinema’s main objective is to function as a communication and socialization space offering a 360-degree range of arthouse cinema. 

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Where / Meeting point

Via del Sole 10 - 50123 Firenze (FI)

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