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A large variety of vegetation and vast stretches of grassy fields make up Florence’s most spacious public park, an area spanning over 130 hectares bordering the Arno River. Boasting walkways, small paths and fully equipped facilities, this park is the perfect spot for lovers of the open air. 

Today Cascine Park features a number of cultural events and trade fairs and houses multiple institutions and monuments: you’ll find two large hippodromes, a velodrome, an open-air stadium, a Tennis club, the Pavoniere swimming pool, the School of Military Aeronautics (and respective institute) and finally, a large open amphitheater offering a range of summer concerts. 

Cascine Park is also home to a weekly market. Every Tuesday you’ll find charming stands lined up around the park: don't miss the chance to peruse the large selection of local Florentine products. 

The park’s origins trace back to Grand Duke Alessandro I de' Medici’s Cascine dell’Isola. Pietro Leopoldo of the House Lorraine was the first to open the park to the public for special events. In the 18th century the Palazzina Reale and Egyptian-style pyramid were added, but it wasn’t until Elisa Baciocchi’s (Grand Duchess of Tuscany) Napoleonic transformations that the park was officially opened to the public, a rare touch of modernity for the city. 

The park’s selection of tree species is large and varied, vaunting over 19,000 plants that are home to number of bird species, such as sparrows, swallows, warblers, herons and gizzards. 

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Piazzale delle Cascine - 50144 Firenze (FI)

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