My Blend, Iridium Suites Spa by Clarins

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What you will find

Inside Florence’s St. Regis Hotel, every suite is equipped with a private spa featuring a Jacuzzi tub, Turkish bath, changing room and private space for exclusive spa treatments. These professional Clarins treatments are the real strength of the Iridium Suites: the Clarins method focuses on a subtle alchemy between the active principles of plants, which gives you immediate and beautiful results. 

In order to optimize the benefits of the treatments, Clarins created a fundamental element to reawaken the senses: a setting that invites relaxation with subtle aromatherapy, a personalized music selection, sensual and comforting textures and post-treatment tea and herbal infusion tastings. This truly multi-sensory experience is for the select few.

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Where / Meeting point

Piazza Ognissanti 1 - 50123 Firenze (FI)

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