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What you will find

Villa la Massa Arno Spa combines the hospitality of a private residence with the modernity of its services. The spa is a truly authentic Tuscan environment vaunting 325 sq. m of history nestled between ancient stone doorways and capitals: an informal and elegant space further divided into various areas for different spa treatments. The humid area features a Turkish bath, sauna, Roman bath with whirlpool and emotional showers, while the Beauté area boasts two spa suites (one twin) for treatments centered on the soothing scents of the Tuscan landscape. You’ll also find a sports area with gym equipment, a yoga area and exercise space. The Spa uses exclusively local products from the cosmetics line of the Officina Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, a space immersed in the essence of the Tuscan countryside.

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Where / Meeting point

Via della Massa 24 - 50012 Candeli (FI)

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