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What you will find

Besides narrating the Supreme Poet’s life story, this museum unveils the city’s medieval history. You’ll find reproductions of the city center with its internal partitions and segments of the period’s economic and political history, including the practices and customs of the time. In short, the museum allows you to discover the Florence of Dante’s lifetime.  

The home is a reproduction of the old Alighieri residence found between the Church of San Martino and piazza dei Donati, as Dante himself described it. Dante is said to have first met his beloved muse, Beatrice Portinari, in the nearby Church of Santa Santa Margherita de’ Cerchi.

When the original residence was demolished, starting in 1950, the Council of Florence worked to recreate a Dante museum in one of the restructured residences. The museum opened in May 1965 and is distributed across three floors. The second floor is dedicated to Dante’s life and his long period of exile. Here, you’ll find the “Libro del Chiodo,” which contains the verdict and sentence that changed the Supreme Poet's life forever.

The notable third floor houses a selection of important texts, such as a copy of the Divine Comedy from the “Codice Trivulziano” dating to 1337

Information about accessibility: limited accessibility. The entrance has a raised doorstep. The main floors (excluding the last floor and loggia) can be accessed via elevator (reached through the bookshop). 

Price: € 4

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Via Santa Margherita 1 - 50122 Firenze (FI)

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