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What you will find

The Complex of Ognissanti introduces you the master of art who completely revolutionized the history of painting, Domenico Bigordi, called "Ghirlandaio" (Florence, 1449 - Florence, 11 January 1494), a draftsman, painter and artist.

The refectory of the Convent of Ognissanti is a small museum famous for the great fresco created by the Ghirlandaio. In addition to the Last Supper and its sinopia, the environment, a typical hall refectory, preserves the ancient washbasins and the portal, dated 1488 and an Annunciation from the early fifteenth century.

You can enter into this mysterious world by walking down the passageway next to the church where you will emerge from dim light into a bright Renaissance cloister. Your'll find frescoed lunettes on each wall of the entrance of the wide refectory of the convent, founded by the order of Umiliati friars in the thirteenth century. In the adjoining church you can admire two other works by Ghirlandaio: a San Girolamo (1480) and a juvenile Madonna della Misericordia with the Deposition of Christ, commissioned by the Vespucci family.

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Via Borgo Ognissanti 42 - 50123 Firenze (FI)

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