Cenacolo di Sant'Apollonia

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What you will find

The Last Supper is an elegant fresco by Andrea del Castagno built between 1445 and 1450 and kept in the Cenacolo di Sant'Apollonia Museum. The museum occupies a part of the ancient Benedictine monastery founded in 1339 and enlarged in the fifteenth century. The wall of the refectory, as usual, was frescoed with scenes of the Last Supper which, in this version, was crowned by the Resurrection, the Crucifixion and the Lamentation, of which you can also admire the preparatory drawings detached and relocated on the opposite wall.

The work of Castagno is the fruit of his artistic influences but retains a very personal touch: the dinner is painted as if it were taking place in a small building, an imperial triclinium in which the spectator enters thanks to the absence of the front wall. Here you can carefully admire the checkered ceiling, the floor and the side walls that frame the scene with a rigorous and geometric perspective. As was often the case with cloistered convents that remained closed, the cenacle was completely ignored by ancient sources until it was suppressed in 1864.

Initially the work was attributed to Paolo Uccello but, after careful study, it was considered unanimously realized by Castagno. After the discovery, in 1891, a museum was established, then called "Andrea del Castagno Museum". Don't miss the opportunity to admire in the museum other precious detached frescoes by the artist, with the related sinopias, and paintings by Paolo Schiavo and Neri di Bicci, coming from the monastery.
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