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The “pieve” is undoubtedly the master church of all the other churches that were founded in the territory dominated by the Cadolingi, Counts of Borgonuovo (Fucecchio) and is located in the flat lands south-west of Florence. The church was probably built between the end of the Fourth and the beginning of the Fifth century. Around the Eleventh century, during the period of Cadolingian domination, the “pieve” of San Giuliano was able to increasingly assert its central role among the churches of the plain, so much so as to build in the plebian complex itself a Romanesque style church. Speaking of the church building, it is still possible to individuate elements of the Romanesque structure, such as the division into three naves and the trussed rafters (although today it has vaulted roof), but especially in the sides and rear walls, characterized by the three cylindrical volumes of the apses, whose wall coverings and decorations are datable to the Eleventh century. Inside much of the Romanesque structures is hidden by Eighteenth-century plasterwork. During this latter century, the church underwent important transformations, assuming the Baroque appearance.
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Pieve di S. Giuliano a Settimo - 50018 Scandicci (FI)

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