Refectory of Santo Spirito and Salvatore Romano Foundation

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What you will find

This museum exists today thanks to the passion and generosity of one of Florence's greatest antique dealers, a man who donated a significant part of his collection to the City of Florence. Crowned by Andrea Orcagna’s striking fresco of the Crucifixion and the Last Supper, the museum vaunts precious sculptures dating from Pre-Romanesque times to the Renaissance, including Tino di Camaino’s Angel and a Caryatid (or Virtue), not to mention two relief fragments attributed to Donatello. 

Salvatore Romano’s lasting legacy of artworks has been displayed in this space since 1946, an impressive and scenic area set up by the antique dealer himself. Sculptures, fragments of architectural decorations and detached frescoes were donated to the city on one condition: that nothing would be altered. The combination of captivating and sober elements enhances the unique quality of the space, while the descriptive notecards allow visitors to fully appreciate and enjoy the museum in all its dimensions. 

And just as Romano lived (immersed in art and history), so he wanted to die. The magnificent space is also the location of his tomb. 

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Piazza Santo Spirito 29 - 50125 Firenze (FI)

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