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What you will find

An elegant gift linked to Tuscan land: the organic cosmetics of TERME DI FIRENZE, born in modern labs, based on the ancient recipes of the Florentine natural cosmetic tradition, and hemp fiber scarves of TERME DI FIRENZE, made made using only quality raw materials, selected and produced in Italy.  Soft weaves with natural “Detox” colours.

Buy a gift pack consisting of a 30 ml eye contour cream and a 100 ml perfume (available in two lines with Iris or Hemp fragrance) and a natural hemp fiber scarf (available in four colours: Faenza-white, Prato- sky blue, Romana-antique red,  Pinti – hazelnut) :

  • BELLOSGUARDO - Eye contour:  Fresh and pleasing the Terme di Firenze eye contour was created to protect the periocular area and alleviate the signs left by the time. It leaves the skin firm, elastic, smooth and fresh. Offers a pleasant relaxing sensation together with a delicate natural scent... 
  • RINESSENZA - Perfume: The tradition of ancient Florentine perfumers, masters in using spices and natural essences created the scent. RINESSENZA is a name that takes its strength from the union of the words RENAISSANCE and ESSENCE and is the very Essence of Renaissance.
  • Hemp fiber SCARF :  Scarf  made by natural organic fibres woven following age-old traditional methods, handed down to us through the experience of to-day's master weavers.   Available in four colours: Faenza-white, Prato- sky blue, Romana-antique red,  Pinti – hazelnut.

* products fragrance (Iris or Hemp) and scarf's color, to be specified following the purchase.

Shipping is included in the price and covers all European countries (shipments not available in the United States and in all non-EU countries). Terme di Firenze will contact you following the purchase for the delivery address.
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