Six Personnages en quête d’auteur - Teatro della Pergola, Firenze

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EVENT NAME: Six Personnages en quête d’auteur
EVENT PLACE: Teatro della Pergola, Florence
EVENT DATE: February 22, 2022 - February 24, 2022
EVENT LANGUAGE: show in French, Italian subtitles

When is an actor truthful? When is it artificial? And the director, at what point is his artistic method sincere?

These are questions that Pirandello faces in the Six Characters in Search of an Author and that Demarcy-Mota and his actors have also asked themselves: the theme of the relationship between fiction and reality has an effect on various levels.

From an early age, Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota has been very fascinated by Pirandello's work, which inspires him again and again. In the Six Characters he challenges the impossibility of theater in a very concrete way. Draws attention to the inconsistency between illusion and reality. In fact, he caused a great scandal with the first performance of his play 100 years ago. The next day, the newspapers wrote that Pirandello had caused the biggest theater scandal in Europe. The public in Rome was evidently not ready for a show that violates the laws of the theater.

What interests Demarcy-Mota most of all in this comedy is therefore to investigate the balance between the horrible tragedy of the characters and the artistic need to tell it.

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photo credits: Teatro della Pergola
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