About us

Destination Florence is the official marketplace of the City of Florence, the first and only place where you can purchase the city's tourist services, such as hotel reservations, museum tickets, theater performances, guided tours, and much more.

Why choose Destination Florence? On our site, you can create your profile and save your favorite products, meaning you'll find all your purchases in a single shopping cart. It's simple, fast and convenient.

The project is committed to promoting Florence as a tourist destination. It aims to assemble the city's offerings in one place and make them available for purchase. As a tourist, you can use the site's offerings to book your next vacation, including museum visits. If you're a city resident or student, you can use the site to find the best events in town, buy tickets, and even book a restaurant after the show.

Fondazione Destination Florence created the project in collaboration with the City of Florence. Browse the website, Florence is waiting for you!


Fondazione Destination Florence is the official partner of the City of Florence to promote the much-loved destination, aiming to attract major events, congresses, international weddings, and quality tourism. We are a Foundation whose founding members are the City of Florence and the Metropolitan City of Florence and which boasts more than 100 highly specialized partner companies operating in the local tourism segment.

Curious to know more? Visit fondazione.destinationflorence.it