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Planning ahead is always a good idea when preparing for any trip. Here at, we’ve put together the need-to-know info to make sure you get the most out of your visit to Florence. With offers and deals from exclusive local operators recognized by the Municipality of Florence, we’ve enabled you to make the ethical choice when it comes to visiting this special city. 

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Where to stay

History lovers will be wowed by the restored historic palazzi where you can retire after a day’s sightseeing. Those in search of something more contemporary will be equally satisfied by the more up-to-the-minute options. Whether you’ve set your sights on Florence, Impruenta, Fiesole or Artimino, whatever or wherever you’re looking for, you can find it here, with prices and offers to suit all tastes and budgets.

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Getting around

The Renaissance city is an easily navigable destination thanks to its relatively small size. Strolling the city at leisure is one of the greatest pleasures of visiting Florence, taking in the historic atmosphere embedded in every brick. Most places can be reached on foot or by bike, and for sites a little further away, a frequent and cheap public transport system is at your disposal. With buses, trams, e-bikes, car rentals, scooters, taxis and chauffeurs, there’s nowhere that’s out of reach, all detailed in our ‘Getting Around’ section.

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See the city’s museums and attractions

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s no better way to visit the city than strolling the charming streets. Florence is a veritable open-air museum, and so, we suggest you set off on one of our many walking itineraries to take in as much of the historic atmosphere as possible. Don’t forget to look up! Some of Florence’s best treasures can be spotted on the walls of palazzi or hidden around corners.

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Accessible Florence

Given the historic heritage of the city, you might imagine that there will be mobility issues given the many cobbled streets. However, the main sites and streets are well-equipped for those in need of better access. For info on the tours, transport and equipment you may need, as well as recommendations for accessible hotels, museums and more, we can assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

From where are the post offices to what’s the weather like, our Frequently Asked Questions section has an answer for everything! Any questions relating to Destination Florence and the use of the website are all conveniently laid out there also. 

With the safe knowledge of all the above facts, you can get on with planning your best trip possible, getting ready to enjoy every single sight and sound of this most magnificent city.