A trip to Florence? Here's why Destinationflorence.com is the most ethical choice

The Destination Florence platform is the official partner of the Municipality of Florence, choosing it means investing in the future of the city.

Travelling has always been as much a gift for oneself as a tribute to the place visited.

From the precise moment you click book, an intense and mutual love between the traveler and destination is created, only dispersing at the end of the visit. Adrenaline-filled days and feeling butterflies fluttering in your tummy as you plan the where-when-how-why’s; preparing can be demanding but it ensures the destination is better prepared to welcome you as if you were its only and most important guests: Welcome.

Moreover, nowadays the super tourist is perfectly autonomous, they have the possibility to plan and book the trip through a wide range of tools, from the most classic to the now well-established digital platforms. They themselves decide what their experience will be and can tailor their trip perfectly.
Our aim is, therefore, to give you all the means necessary to make your choice with awareness and correct information, so that Florence can fall in love with you in the most sustainable way possible.

What is Destination Florence

Destination Florence was created in 2017 in partnership with the Municipality of Florence. It is the only official tourist platform that encompasses the entirety of what Florence has to offer: hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, museums, tours, experiences.

It has a unique shopping cart, thanks to which you can independently create your own package and purchase in a single transaction. An example? Browsing and being inspired by the platform, you find yourself creating a list of activities to surprise your family: a wine tasting, the Uffizi tour for children, tickets to visit Santa Maria Novella...a single click and it's all yours.

The prices you find on Destination Florence are market prices, which means you don't spend more. As an official partner of the Municipality of Florence, the platform represents a non-profit institutional project that guarantees a solid opponent to the dreaded rascal, the antagonist of excellent art cities like Florence!

Who is behind Destination Florence

The products and services promoted and sold by Destination Florence are all certified and supplied by a network of over 100 local, specialized and qualified operators. The selection of partner operators takes place, in fact, according to an ethical code that reflects the vision of Florence that we want to offer:
• absolute respect for LEGALITY!
• strictly LOCAL suppliers
QUALITY standards met
• deep knowledge of the TERRITORY

What does it mean? That if you buy a tour or book a hotel, you are sure that your choice will be of guaranteed quality that will support the local economy.

Why choose Destination Florence

In conclusion, why choose Destination Florence if you travel to Florence? Simple.

Because it is an investment in the territory, in the city and in small local businesses. Because it supports the care and development of a UNESCO Heritage site. Because gathering all the offers available prevents your money from being dispersed between various platforms that do not reinvest in the city, thus helping to improve Florence and its performance. Because it promotes the entire city and its surroundings without selling off the main attractions or obscuring the lesser known ones. Because it is a partner of the Municipality of Florence, therefore you are sure of the official nature and quality of information and services.

Because, as seen, Destination Florence is truly synonymous with sustainable, ethical and local travel.