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Estate Fiesolana: a large-scale live entertainment classic

One of the Florentine area’s most important theatre and music festivals takes the stage at the Teatro Romano di Fiesole.

Florence and the surrounding areas offer numerous opportunities to attend live performances, but the Estate Fiesolana festival is most certainly among the most important. 

During the festival, the Teatro Romano di Fiesole (a Roman amphitheatre) returns to its original function not just as an extraordinarily interesting archaeological site, but a stage for top-quality musical and theatrical performances and the setting for one of the most important events on the Italian panorama. 

The history speaks for itself: Estate Fiesolana is Italy’s longest-running, open-air multidisciplinary festival, and the Teatro Romano was the first ancient theatre in Italy to relaunch stagings of classical tragedies, with a performance of Oedipus Rex in 1911.

Over the course of a century, some of the biggest names of the international theatre, music, dance and cinema scenes have performed on this stage. In the early decades, the programming progressed rather disjointedly up until 1947, the official founding year of the Estate Fiesolana Festival, which then launched in a fully structured four sections: theatre, classical music, jazz and cinema.  

Estate Fiesolana is one of the main events in the history of Italian entertainment and an experience you can’t miss.  

The 2022 edition

The festival has reached its 75nd edition, from June 21 to August 22, and this year vaunts a packed and artistically varied program,  thanks to the participation of some of the most popular figures from the entertainment world. 

On the program you’ll find events ranging from theatre to music to performing arts: live music by Drusilla Foer (sold out), Giovanni Allevi, Pino Daniele Opera, Aiace di Sofocle, Tribute to Morricone, Vasco Brondi, Fulminacci, Fantastic Negrito, La lunga strada di sabbia, il viaggio in Italia by Pier Paolo Pasolini played by Sandro Lombardi. 

In August the Roman Theater will be dedicated to Cinema under the stars, with a two-week festival curated by the Stensen Foundation, from 5 to 21 August.

More information and program here: Estate Fiesolana

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