Carnival in Tuscany, the must known in Viareggio and what’s new in Florence

One of the most important events on the Tuscan calendar awaits with its famous parades.

You hear “Carnival” and immediately think of Viareggio. The association is so deeply rooted that there’s no doubt that the coastal city’s carnival is one of the most famous in all of Italy and Europe. For one month, the city is filled with masks and colorful characters and animated by exciting events, becoming an ideal destination for family fun and allowing you to attend one of the spectacular parades of allegorical floats.

It’s a genuine, all-out party for both young and the young-at-heart, where you can feel free to laugh and joke against a backdrop of music, dancing, colors and tons of imagination!

In addition, Viareggio Carnival combines entertainment with a strong point of view on current events and the cultural zeitgeist, with a never-boring satirical slant. The magnificent floats often depict (in caricature form) various famous personalities from around the world (politicians, often, but not just politicians). They touch on themes of cultural and social interest that reflect our era. It’s no coincidence that many artists have collaborated or actively participated in bringing Carnival to life for past editions.

The 2024 edition

Per annual tradition, visitors will be able to attend the famous float parades, along with the masquerades, with one entrance ticket (free entry for children up to 1,20 meters in height). This year, along the enchanting beachfront boulevard, you’ll be able to admire 9 floats in the largest category, 5 in the second-largest, 9 group masquerades and 9 single masks.

The event will kick off on February 3 with the opening ceremony and will conclude on February 24 for the grand finale with the announcement of the winners and the closing fireworks.

Carnival in Florence
Saturday 28 January, from 15.30 to 19.00, the Piazza Santa Maria Novella will be full of music, jugglers, fire eaters and shows. The tradition of the "Carnival in Florence" colored with confetti, streamers and the inevitable traditional Florentine mask, Stenterello, returns to the city!

From here the carnival parade will start along the streets of the center of Florence, up to Piazza della Signoria.
Everyone can participate at the event 'cause free! The mask is obviously recommended, not only for children but also for the adults. 

And remember that at Carnival every joke is worth!