The Arno bike path

Reach Florence by bike and ride through the city on a path along the Arno river.

If you’re a bike enthusiast and you want to ride through Florence, you should know that there is a bike path along the entire Arno, crossing back and forth between the left and right riverbanks and covering almost the whole historic center and part of the suburbs. 

A ride towards Florence’s historic center 

Heading from East to West, the route starts in the Girone area, on the right bank of the river, where a panoramic dirt road full of evocative views begins. Continue through Nave a Rovezzano to arrive at Obihall, where the path turns into red asphalt and leads to the National Library, almost in the historic center. 

From the other side of the river, the left side, there is another path that departs from Nave a Rovezzano, more precisely, via di Villamagna. This is also an asphalt road and it leads to Ponte alle Grazie, right in the historic center; to arrive there, you will pass through the Albereta Park, for an enjoyable bike ride immersed in urban greenery. 

Cross the center of Florence by bike

The lungarni are mostly covered with bike paths that are interrupted in the center but not enough to stop riders from continuing the route, though a little caution is advised. 

You can either ride along the left bank of the river or over the Ponte Vecchio, where you will surely find a bit of pedestrian traffic. If you choose the first option, you will need to pass through a street with car traffic, but it’s a short one. Once you reached Ponte Santa Trinita, cross over and continue along the right bank, where there is an asphalt path and which will take you all the way to Piazzale Vittorio Veneto. 

From Cascine Park to Renai Park

From here, you will come upon a long path that extends for 11 kilometers, crossing through Cascine Park before heading toward the Arno where the Mugnone creek flows into the river, around Ponte all’Indiano. Cross under the bridge and you are almost outside the City of Florence: this is where a dirt road begins that runs along the river and, in some places, the railroad tracks. The road is very evocative and immersed in greenery as it leads you to the Renai nature park, in the town of Signa, a place to relax, with an artificial lake, sporting activities and swimming areas.

From Cascine Park to the Greve river

On the left bank of the Arno, there is also a bike path that offers the opportunity to enjoy a bit of public greenery, running from the tram bridge to where the Greve flows into the Arno, passing under Ponte all’Indiano. You can safely cross this part of the path in the Isolotto area, through the Argingrosso gardens and all the way to Lungarno dei Poppi.