Artimino and Capezzana, the history of Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin #DOCG.

The two Medici Villas of the small town of Carmignano offer the very best of Tuscany.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we close our eyes and imagine the countryside surrounding Florence?
We all know it, we might as well put it in black and white: hills, elegant rustic villas, good food and, of course, wine.
Perhaps you visited it by car or someone told you about it, or maybe you’ve only seen the photos; but this is not just imagination.
We have just described, for example, the Carmignano area a few kilometres from Florence. Acres of Tuscan landscape that never fail to disappoint, custodians of all the uniqueness that made our postcards famous all over the world.

Two places we want to talk about in particular:

The Artimino Estate

The splendid Medici villa, La Ferdinanda, is nestled among 732 hectares of pure Tuscany. Filled with vineyards and olive groves darkened by the sun, it has been home to the deep joie de vivre typical of the countryside for centuries.
The villa, also known as "Dei Cento Camini", has been a UNESCO heritage site since 2013. Each room type is dedicated to one of the estate’s wines, with chromatic details that recall its nuances. The apartments are located in the medieval village of Artimino, adjacent to the villa.

Tenuta di Artimino

How to fully experience the estate in one day

Enter into this world through the product that best represents it: the typical wines of the Carmignano area #DOCG.
Enjoy a tasting led by a sommelier and alternate glasses of fine wine with cold cuts, cheese and crackers. For all wine lovers, an essential WINE TASTING takes place in the special tasting room or in the Delfino Room of the villa Medicea.

Make the most of this landscape and wonderful countryside atmosphere with an open air experience of great flavours and ultimate relaxation. There is nothing better than a timeless picnic, complete with a basket full of Tuscan delights with a tasting of three wines and vin santo led by a private sommelier.

Why Artimino? Villa Medicea and DOC products, a Tuscan mix with an inimitable flavour.

The Capezzana Farm

Still on Carmignan soil, there is an agritourism divided into 3 large farms and over 120 smaller farms, dedicated to the production of high quality wine and oil: La Fattoria di Capezzana.
It includes a charming sixteenth-century Medici Villa complete with a rose garden, all immersed in a breath-taking landscape of vineyards and olive groves.
The company has been entirely organic since 2015.

La Fattoria di Capezzana

Want to immerse yourself into life on the farm?

Pull up your sleeves and put on a nice apron.
The COOKERY CLASS of Capezzana is a complete experience, you will end up feeling part of the Contini Bonacossi family.
Accompanied by the chef of the estate, Patrizio Cirri, you will pass from the organic garden to the preparation of 4 seasonal dishes. Dine at the table with the family and finish off the experience with a visit to the historic cellars.

Discover the centuries-old history of Capezzana wine and oil production, with a VISIT + LUNCH. A tour filled with anecdotes about the Contini Bonacossi family will introduce you to the historic cellars and the olive oil mill. Once you have acquired all the secrets of the estate, you can enjoy a tasting of 5 wines including the award-winning vin santo of Carmignano Doc, along with a lunch in the Vinsantaia Wine Bar.

Why Capezzana? Because joining a Tuscan family means good things.

Cooking class

COOKING CLASS @Tenuta di Capezzana

Aprons on! in the wonderful Tenuta di Capezzanda tasting their wines and cooking with the ingredients of the g ...