The green way to move about in Florence: bike sharing

If you want to move freely though Florence, you can take advantage of the bike sharing service. It’s comfortable, practice and affordable.

If you love to move about freely, without too many problems with schedules and tickets, going by bike is definitely for you, and in Florence you can easily find an available bike anywhere in the city. Florence was the first city in Europe to try free flow bike sharing. 
We’re talking about RideMovi (ex Mobike), the innovative “free flow” bike sharing program that allows locals and tourists to move around the city with ease, managed 100% through an app. 

What does “free flow” mean?

It means there aren’t any pick-up points where you must go if you want to rent a bike. You can take and leave the bikes in any area of the city, or better, in any bike rack, without any limits – except, of course, proper street etiquette.
To make taking and leaving the bikes easier, the City has created several parking spaces dedicated to Mobike, marked with yellow stripes.

How can I find and rent a bike?

It’s easy. The service works through a free app that can be downloaded to your smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you just need to create a personal account and connect it with your telephone number and a credit card (it only takes a few minutes), then you’re all set!
The app has an interactive map that shows users where the closest bikes are (the bikes all have a GPS tracker), which can then be reserved directly on the app (they can be reserved for up to 15 minutes in advance). 
When you find the bike, click the button “Unlock” (Sbloccare in Italian) and scan the QR code on the handlebars to automatically unlock the bike. Now, jump on and start your journey. 
Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you just need to park the bike and close the lock and the cost of the journey will be automatically deducted from your personal credit.

The price to rent a RideMovi:

  • Classic bicycles cost €1 every 20 minutes;
  • E-bikes cost 0.20 cents per minute;

What do the RideMovi look like?

All the bikes are metallic grey with neon orange spokes. You can’t miss them: you’re bound to see them throughout the city. Are you ready to bike through Florence?