Mountains around Florence

Slide down slopes or lace up your boots to explore Tuscan mountains near Florence for fun at high altitudes.

When we think of Florence, we imagine centuries of artistic and cultural heritage, historic streets and masterpieces at every corner. What we mightn’t think of, however, is skiing. In fact, just over an hour from Florence, you can grab some skis and embark on adrenaline-fueled fun to mix up your museum-hopping with some physical activity. Sprinkled with fresh snow, these peaks are simply paradisiacal. 

Adventure in Abetone

Abetone is one such site, located roughly 80 kilometers from Florence, taking about an hour and half to get there. Located in the Pistoia mountains, it’s an ideal day-trip if you don’t feel like extracting yourself from Florence for too long yet still want to enjoy the dramatic downhill slopes and the feeling of being immersed in nature.

Featuring over 30 tree-lined slopes ranging from 1200 to 1950 meters in height, the slopes are spread across the four valleys of Luce, Scoltenna, Sestaione and Lima. While best suited for beginner-intermediate level skiers, those seeking more of a challenge will be satisfied too as the Black Diamond piste known as Zeno One can be found on Monte Gomito, designed by Olympic medalist Zeno Colo who taught skiing here for many years. Day passes cost very little in comparison to bigger name resorts and you won’t have to battle the numbers you’d find there either.  

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Doganaccia in Cutigliano

Alternatively, the Doganaccia Ski Resort in the municipality of Cutigliano is about 22 kilometers from Abetone and a popular family destination given that you’ll also find a snow-tubing slope along with around 15 kilometers of pistes. Easily accessible from the village thanks to cableway, a ski school serves to educate any newbies who wish to explore the panoramic slopes. Cross-country routes bring you even closer to nature as you follow the clearly marked routes that take in some truly spectacular sights. Doganaccia features the San Gualberto Lake or you could set off towards the Arcana Cross that connects to Mount Cornaccio, even hopping into a cable car if you’d like to take it a little more leisurely.

Take off trekking

Skiing not your style? Leave the slopes to those who seek them and instead take off on a trekking trail, lacing up your boots and setting off into the idyllic nature to get to know the Tuscan landscape even more intimately. There are plenty of routes to choose from as the Tosco-Emiliano Apennines are renowned for their stunning conifer forests and incredible scenery.

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Just as important as skiing itself is what you do afterwards. Many medieval hamlets are just short distances away where you’ll find traditional Tuscan mountain cuisine. The simple cooking is known as cucina povera as it makes the most of the natural produce like chestnuts, mushrooms and wild herbs, all with typical Tuscan flair. 

All that remains now is to choose your slopes, and to set off on an unforgettable trail through Tuscany, all while Florence patiently awaits your return. 

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