palazzo strozzi in florence

Palazzo Strozzi Foundation: the exhibitions everyone wants to see

Reasons to visit Palazzo Strozzi, the Florentine hub for top-quality temporary exhibitions.

Going to see the “new Palazzo Strozzi exhibition” has become a truly unmissable cult in the Florentine cultural events sphere.

The Palazzo Strozzi Foundation was formed in 2006 as the first Italian example of a public-private cultural foundation, taking its name from the historic Renaissance palace of the Strozzi patron family, located in the heart of Florence’s historic centre.

Before heading to the main exhibition spaces that are always set up on the first floor, we find ourselves in the colonnaded courtyard that’s now the symbol of the stately home built by Filippo Strozzi at the end of the 1400s. Thanks to the foundation, it has become a truly creative square in which to see installations, concerts and performances.

The exhibitions at Palazzo Strozzi

Over the last fifteen years, the site has hosted more than fifty exhibitions of both historical and modern art, varying from Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino and Verrocchio, master of Leonardo to contemporary shows in collaboration with international artists of the highest level such as Ai Weiwei, Carsten Höller and Marina Abramovi?.

The truly immersive exhibitions are set up in the spaces of the Piano Nobile and the Strozzina.  Often sensorial, they are a journey into the artist’s world. This lively dialogue between tradition and innovation makes Palazzo Strozzi a unique laboratory producing new works of art, making important restoration campaigns possible, embarking on new studies and discoveries, stimulating discussion on relevant and contemporary themes, and always looking for new ways of communicating and making culture and art accessible.

Tickets for exhibitions

Tickets for Palazzo Strozzi exhibitions can be purchased directly via Destination Florence from the day the exhibition starts. Using your purchase voucher, head to the cashier at Palazzo Strozzi, collect your ticket, and enjoy your visit.