negroni florence

Negroni, one of the most ordered cocktails in the world, comes from Florence

The popular drink was invented by Count Camillo Negroni in 1919.

Negroni cocktail

  • Campari 30 ml
  • Gin 30 ml
  • Red Vermouth 30 ml
  • ½ slice of an orange
  • Ice to taste

The combination of these ingredients gives life to what was named the most ordered cocktail in the world in 2022: the Negroni. Drinks International, the British magazine, determines the authoritative ranking, which changed this year after seven years in which the Negroni maintained second place, behind an Old Fashioned.

A fully-Florentine drink in first place!

The history of the Negroni

The globally renowned red drink was formed in Florence in 1919 thanks to the tastes of Count Camillo Negroni. Having lived in London and New York, he acquired a liking for the mixing that was in vogue in the Anglo-Saxon world and returned to Florence with a specific request.

And so it was that in the store on via della Spada which later became the historic Caffè Giocosa, bartender Folco Scarselli got to work on the Count’s visionary request: a revisited and stronger Americano, with gin instead of soda.

From that day on, the cocktail took his name and became a drink known by all Florentine bartenders up to today, particularly by Luca Picchi who’s known as the greatest expert on the subject of Negroni. Thanks to his research on the subject, the Florentine aristocrat Camillo Negroni will always be remembered as the elegant viveur with the top hat who ordered his favourite cocktail while sitting in Florentine bars, adding his signature orange garnish – a real luxury at the time.

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