Pontassieve, Florence - Italy


Discover the towns and villages near Florence: explore the history of Pontassieve with 2 wine tastings.

One of the fun and exciting things to do in Florence is visit the numerous nearby towns and hamlets. Unique in their charm and history, every one of them has a story to tell and traditions to discover.

Where can you start? All around Florence! In this article, we will lead you on the discovery of one of the towns and villages near Florence, Pontassieve, its attractions and specialities, and two wine tastings to experience local flavours and aromas. Leave the city limits behind and explore new wonders.

What to see in Pontassieve

Pontassieve is located in the countryside of Florence, a district defined by rivers as they head downstream, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, and local specialities and flavours. (We'll explain the perfect way to taste them!) The town is situated at the confluence between the Tuscan Arno and Sieve rivers and is named for the iconic Ponte Mediceo, built in the 16th century to connect Florence and the Mugello, Casentino and Arezzo.

Even earlier, the Florentine Republic constructed the Castel Sant’Angelo fortress here in 1357, famous for its walls and striking four gates (three of which remain today): Porta del Capitano, Porta Aretina, Porta Filicaia and Porta Fiorentina. One of Pontassieve's most important monuments stands in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, right in the town centre: the town hall, also known as Palazzo Sansoni Trombetta, which houses a fresco cycle by Ferdinando Folchi in Sala delle Eroine, illustrating the heroic gestures of women in the 1500s!

Lastly, Pontassieve is a wine region, making it a must for wine lovers. Winemaking started in ancient times, and bottlings from the Pontassieve area were already renowned when Tuscany was a Grand Duchy. Pontassieve and environs are mainly home to Chianti Rufina, the smallest Chianti subzone.

2 wine tastings in Pontassieve at Tenuta Bossi

If you're a wine lover or simply a connoisseur, then Destination Florence has you covered! This route will allow you to discover the secrets of Chianti Rufina and the winemaking process at Tenuta Bossi, which has been producing wine in the Pontassieve hills since 1592.

Choose the private tasting option at the Renaissance Villa Bossi. The tasting takes place in the dining room at Villa Bossi, which still belongs to the old Florentine family mentioned by Dante Alighieri in his “Divine Comedy", with picturesque views over the vineyards and olive groves.

Or opt for the tasting of 5 wines on the Bossi farms. You’ll taste one white and three fine red wines: 1 Chianti Rufina Riserva and 2 Super Tuscans, finishing with Vin Santo, all in the striking halls of the estate’s farms.


Tasting of 5 Local Wines @Farms of the Bossi Estate

Tasting of 5 wines accompanied by a platter of cold cuts and cheeses, in the Salone delle Fattorie of the Bossi ...

Starting from 25,00 €


Private Chianti Wine Tasting @ Renaissance Villa of the Bossi ...

Private tasting of 5 local wines with cured meats and cheeses in the dining room of the Renaissance Villa of th ...

Starting from 50,00 €

How to get to Pontassieve from Florence

Pontassieve can be easily reached by train, leaving from Firenze Santa Maria Novella station in just 22 minutes. Tickets cost 4€.

Slow Tourism with destination Pontassieve – The Renaissance Loop

Hiking and nature lovers can discover Pontassieve by walking the Renaissance Loop, along two sections:

  • Fiesole / Santa Brigida - Pontassieve (13 km/4h) This section heads into the Tuscan countryside, with its farmhouses, vineyards and mills, and ends at the 15th-century Madonna del Sasso Sanctuary with a pietra serena altar in the Pontassieve hills.
  • Pontassieve – Montecucco - San Donato in Collina (13 km/4.30h), crossing the Valdarno valley floor. From Rignano sull’Arno, the hiking trail leads to Bagno a Ripoli, passing by Montecucco, with its beautiful vineyards (13.5 km/4h). This is the Via della Maremma, following in the footsteps of pilgrims that once walked all the way to Rome.

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