Impruneta in Tuscany, home to unique creations in terracotta image of an artisan at work


Cotto, olive oil and wine are the symbols of Impruneta, one of the most beautiful and recognizable villages in the Florentine area.

Things to do All around Florence! Impruneta (or l'Impruneta as Florentines say) is a town with a strong historical and cultural identity that can be found a few kilometres from Florence. Impruneta is famous in the world for its long-standing production of terracotta and is a place to see for lovers of artistic craftsmanship.

Things to see in Impruneta

Piazza Buondelmonti and historical festivals

The history of this place is rooted in the Buondelmonti family. In Dante Alighieri's masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, he tells us about their involvement in the conflict between the Guelphs and Ghibellines (two rival parties in medieval Italy). Their importance is evidenced in the naming of a piazza after them, where you can find the Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Impruneta with its late 16th-century loggias and the Museo del Tesoro.

Located in the heart of Impruneta, the historic city festivals take place there, with Impruneta actively keeping its traditional festivals alive. One such festival is the Festa dell'Uva (Grape Festival), held the last Sunday of September. It sees the four city districts, Pallò, Sante Marie, Fornaci and Sant'Antonio, compete to construct the best float. The floats parade through the centre and can even measure over ten metres in height. Opened in 2020, the Grape Festival Archive Museum can be visited in Piazza Buondelmonti. It's a place designed to conserve documentary material and the itineraries of the festival, bringing together the traditions of the Impruneta community. The centuries-old Fiera di San Luca is one of the oldest livestock fairs in Europe. It takes place during the week of October 18th, the day celebrating the patron saint of Impruneta, Saint Luke the Evangelist.

Terracotta, kilns and olive oil

Impruneta is a magical meeting between ancient furnaces (which can be visited), farms and oil mills, olive groves and vineyards, churches, villas and museums. Famous for the manufacture of terracotta dating back to the Middle Ages, Impruneta's kilns and unique clay are known worldwide. Its terracotta is called Cotto di Impruneta, and in 1419, architect Filippo Brunelleschi chose it to build the Dome of the Florence Cathedral, creating an indivisible bond between the two places. The production in Impruneta benefits from the Artistic and Traditional Ceramics brand and forms part of the Tuscan ceramics, terracotta and plaster route.

Ugolino Golf Club

This historic golf course was built in 1933 according to a design by two architects from across the Channel: Cecil Blandford (English) and Peter Gannon (Irish). The Ugolino Golf Club Golf Course was nominated as one of the world's 50 most beautiful golf courses.

The 18-hole course is immersed in the spectacular scenery of the Impruneta hills, where the natural gradients make it very pleasant and exciting for players. The club also features an excellent restaurant. Learn more about Golf Ugolino Firenze and how the British community in Florence brought golf to Italy in 1889.

Things to do in Impruneta

With Destination Florence, it takes just a click to immerse yourself in the world of Impruneta. One option is a lesson on extra virgin olive oil and tasting at Fattoria Triboli. The organic farm in the Impruneta hills near the Chianti Region specialises in producing extra virgin olive oil using the Mori-Tem oil mill and the latest technologies.

Enjoy the chance to see the olive groves and the lake - one of the 100 dams in Italy - and the forest and farm animals! They will explain what makes a 'good' olive oil at the mill, taking you through the mechanical cold pressing process. Ultimately, you can relax while savouring the view of the olive grove and tasting the products.

Another interesting way to discover the town of terracotta is with a sidecar tour of Chianti and a visit to the Impruneta kiln. The tour starts in Florence, where you have the chance to admire the main sites of Florence before setting off into the Chianti Classico Countryside, where you will visit a small family-run winery, viewing the vineyards and cellar before enjoying a tasting and a light Tuscan lunch. Don't worry. You can drink as much as you like because you won't be driving! Finally, you will head to a kiln in Impruneta, where the highest quality terracotta wine amphorae are produced.

Slow tourism in Impruneta – The Renaissance Ring

Slow tourism in Impruneta provides trekking, and nature lovers will enjoy the many things to do in Impruneta. One option is the two-stage Renaissance Ring:

  • San Donato in Collina - Impruneta (18 km/6h) is famous for its forests; above all, the Fonte Santa Park, which, as its name reveals, contains a fresh source of clear water.
  • Impruneta - La Certosa – Florence is a comfortable downhill route to the Certosa (Charterhouse), where you can visit the famous Carthusian monastery (7 km/2h). You can reach Piazzale Michelangelo and Florence (6 km/2h). Alternatively, you can get to Lastra Signa-Signa from the Certosa by passing through Pian dei Cerri (23km/6.30h). The Signa - Florence section (12.6 km/3h) crosses Renai Park, where you can swim, and it also passes through Cascine Park before finally reaching Signa - Campi Bisenzio - Calenzano (16.8 km/4.30h)


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How to reach Impruneta

Impruneta is located a few kilometres from Florence and can be reached by taking the number 39 bus.

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