[Dario’s version] Florence and the music: the Cristofori Accademia and the Italian violin making

Florence through the Mayor’s eyes - Chapter 4.

Discover Florence through the Mayor’s eyes: a trip through the places and the mysteries of the city.

Did you know that Florence is also the capital of the music? The melodrama was born here, the “recitar cantando” and also the “fortepiano” (the modern piano’s predecessor piano) was invented here in Florence by a Florentine.

If you want to discover something truly special about this city, something tied to these instruments, to Italian violin making but also other musical instruments, there are two places to visit.

The first is the seat of the Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori, which dates to 1989 and contains the most important piano collection in all of Italy. The Accademia is located in the Oltrarno near piazza Tasso and here you can visit the extraordinary studio where all of this was born: the predecessors of the model of the new piano.

The second place to visit is the Accademia where Michelangelo’s David is found. This museum is also home to a unique collection of musical instruments: violins, violas, double basses and the Medici quartet. Here you’ll find also some musical instruments of Stradivari. Dare we say Stradivari is the Michelangelo of musical instruments? Certainly he is.

So, if you want to discover the musical side of Florence don’t forget about these two places. Enjoy your visit!

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