[Dario’s version] A treasure outside the center of the city: Stibbert Museum

Florence through the Mayor’s eyes - Chapter 6.

Discover Florence through the Mayor’s eyes: a trip through the places and the mysteries of the city.

A bit outside of Florence’s city center you can discover some truly surprising and fascinating places. One of these is the Stibbert Museum, named after the collector and aesthete Frederick Stibbert who left more than 50,000 artifacts of his private collection to the City of Florence.

Stibbert Museum it’s an amazing museum: an eclectic collection of works, including decorations and armor. It houses the most important collection of Japanese armor outside of Japan. The Mayor of Kyoto was stunned by the splendor of the museum, never having seen anything so beautiful. Nothing comes close to this collection outside of Florence.

It’s a great place for children, too: seeing the armor of knights and horses is very exciting, like the lances, swords and shields that date not only to the Florentine Renaissance but also to other periods and countries. A visit to the Stibbert Museum is like diving headfirst into history; you’re transported to countries as fascinating as Japan, including all the rest of the Asian continent. Enjoy your visit!

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