Are you a hopeless romantic? Here’s what you can do in Florence

With Valentine's Day coming up, love is in the air around Florence: here are some ideas for your special day.

Looking for romance?
When it comes to love, Florence is the best city there is, offering beautiful views and singular spots to spend unforgettable moments with your special someone.
Here, you’ll live experiences to be cherished forever – ones that help you rediscover your sentimental side, but that also help couples relax and enjoy the special day.  

Here are some things to do in Florence.

Admire the view from Ponte Santa Trinita

Bridges are romantic spots no matter where you are, but some more than others. And this is certainly the case for Ponte Santa Trinita. If you’re unfamiliar with its name, this bridge offers the best views of Ponte Vecchio (it’ll seem an arm’s reach away) and is adorned with beautiful statues. Every day, lover of all kinds stop along the bridge to take in the breathtaking view hand in hand.
And don’t forget: it’s also the perfect place for a romantic photo to capture your special moment

Head to piazzale Michelangelo to see the city of lights

There’s not much to say about this one: admiring lit-up Florence from piazzale Michelangelo is an experience that treats your eyes and warms the heart. Hours could pass and you’d never tire, as the view is so beautiful you won’t find the words to describe it.
Imagine yourself with your sweet other half, enjoying the lights along the lungarni and brilliant reflections on the city’s monuments and the Arno: a truly unforgettable moment.

Enjoy dinner in a chic restaurant

Florence is a beautiful and elegant city, not only for its architectural marvels and museums, but also for its restaurants.
If you’re hoping to take advantage of Valentine’s Day to organize a romantic and gourmet dinner, the city has plenty to offer: you’ll find restaurants that combine traditional Tuscan cuisine and culinary specialties with innovation, offering unique combinations dashed with international flavors – all in incredible and suggestive locations

Discover the places that witnessed timeless love

Florence has served as the setting for many illustrious tales of love.
Who can forget Dante and Beatrice, a sweet love that began (or so they say) in the Church of Santa Margherita dei Cerchi (via Santa Margherita)?
Or relive the love story between Francesco I dei Medici and his mistress Bianca Cappello by visiting her "palazzo" (via Maggio 26) adorned with a “graffito” facade.
Alternatively, find inspiration in the southern hills of Bellosguardo, where Ugo Foscolo composed the verses of "Le Grazie", dedicating them to Quirina Mocenni Magiotti.
Up in the air, you can also climb to Settignano, a spot linked to the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio (in Florence between 1989 and 1909), who enjoyed a love affair with actress Eleonora Duse.

Relax at the spa

Craving some time to relax at the spa? This is a must for rekindling Valentine’s Day spice.
In Florence and its surroundings you’ll find a whole range of places to set time aside for pampering: choose between a variety of special treatments in one of the area’s many spas.
Abandon yourself to the wonders of saunas, massages, steam baths and the most innovative body care techniques.
There’s so much to choose from, you won’t even know where to start. 

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