Destination Florence – the Film. Why you should see it

A film about Florence not to be missed, and here’s why.

Among the countless fascinating experiences that Florence offers its visitors, there are a few that offer a different way of seeing the city and its artistic heritage.

Among them, you can opt to see the film Destination Florence. Begin your journey feeling the beauty of the Renaissance. The title speaks for itself: this film is a full-immersion journey through the beauty of the Renaissance and a new way to fully enjoy Florence’s many wonders.

Here are the reasons to see it:

An inspiration point

New to Florence and need some inspiration?
Do you know the city well but are yearning to discover more?
Buy your ticket now, as the film was created with the aim of providing a full video-guide of Florence: a never-before-seen view of the city with an educational and emotional approach to exploring its sites. This engaging film inspires and motivates, a tool for tourists to create their own journeys around the city. 

A different way to admire masterpieces

Nighttime shots of Florence present views of the city that visitors rarely get to see. The film offers an almost one-on-one experience between its viewer and Florence’s artistic masterpieces, creating an intimate dialogue between film and spectator.
Through specific camera shots and spectacular scenes, the film manages to convey all the charm of Florence’s artistic and architectural heritage; like a dream, its singular beauty will blow you away. 

An evocative location for a captivating project

Cinema la Compagnia, founded in 2016, is an initiative dedicated to documentary and audiovisual culture. This technologically advanced space focuses on younger and international populations, contemporary art, workshops and idea-exchange.
Originally a cinema (built in 1921) transformed into a theater (in 1987), today La Compagnia is an innovative space for the city’s seventh art.
Don’t miss a chance to enjoy this striking film in one the theater’s 463 plush seats.  

Head to the Uffizi or the Accademia on a Monday

Want to see the Uffizi Gallery or the Galleria dell’Accademia on a Monday?
Now you can, with Destination Florence. Begin your journey feeling the beauty of the Renaissance.
Keep in mind that the film is in Italian with English subtitles, though audio-guides are also available for French, Spanish and Japanese.

Check out the film program and book your ticket now. 

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