Easter Day in Florence

What to do during Easter in Florence.

If you are looking for a place to spend Easter holidays in Italy, Florence is perfect! 
A beautiful city where you can enjoy a break from the daily grind.

Then remember that you can choose among art, culture, events, traditions, food and wine or shopping in the center. 

How it looks a perfect Easter Day in Florence from morning till night?

First of all wake up in a such important day and in a such important city sounds really exciting and the day is proclaimed to be full of emotions!

Let’s go!

H. 08.00 AM - Wake up early to enjoy the first walk in the city center, not yet crowded with people and enjoy a nice breakfast at one of the historic bars, facing some important square.
Have a cup of hot cappuccino and a tasty croissant, with a wonderful view in front of you. Or a wonderful Sunday (and Easter) brunch!
Ready for the fireworks show? 

H. 10.00 AM - The procession of the cart, also known as "Il Brindellone" for its pyrotechnic tower, starts. The cart is pulled by six oxen accompanied with a costume parade.
The departure is from Il Prato street and arrives in Duomo Square, in the space that lies between the Baptistery and the CathedralThe cart is pulled by six oxen accompanied with a costume parade.
Take your place along the way and watch the procession.

H. 11.00 AM – Ready for the firework!
When the "Gloria" is sung inside the church, the Archbishop uses the fire to light a dove–shaped rocket (called the “Colombina” and symbolizing the Holy Spirit).
The “Columbina” collides with the Cart in the square, setting off a spectacular firework

H. 1.00 PM - After the show it’s time to had lunch and relax.  You can eat in one of the typical florentine restaurant and prepare yourself for the an afternoon full of art and culture.
You can choose between traditional and tasty food or something like modern dishes.

H. 3.00 PM – Now you are ready for the afternoon because the museums are opened and also some shops in the centre of the city. 
Our advice is to visit one of the monumental gardens, which in spring are amazing.
You can visit the famous Boboli Gardens and the most exclusive Bardini Garden. Both offer a relaxing walk, surrounded by the scent of flowers
Take your time and enjoy the visit!

H. 7.00 PM -  It’s time for dinner
Get a refreshing shower at the hotel and then ready for the evening: what about a drink in one of the many shops in the centre, perhaps an amazing cocktail on one of the rooftop terraces so you can admire the city.
For the restaurant remember to book in advance, you can choose a traditional or a gourmet dinner. 
The choice is yours!

H. 10.00 PM - After the dinner, take a nice walk along the river and enjoy the unique atmosphere of the Florentine nights!

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