Florence: city of a thousand faces.
Watch the official video and let it surprise you

The Destination Florence official video describes the city from a never-before-seen perspective.

Would you ever have imagined that Florence could still surprise you?

Talking about the city in a fresh, new way is an ongoing challenge that Destination Florence has accepted and now synthesized in its official video. There’s just a handful of seconds to show off the destination in a new, original and creative way, employing a different approach to the beauty and soul of the city.  

Florence is more than just a magnificent open-air museum, more than a collection of extraordinary places perfect for frame-worthy photographs to take home: it’s a real city, vibrant and brought to life by Florentines, who are the real stars in this series of images. 

They are the “thousand faces” of the city; they are the ones who show these extraordinary locations to the world—locations a bit outside the usual tourist routes, but still oozing with charm. It’s the Florence that not everyone knows, a city that will reveal some truly surprising treasures to the observant tourist: an incentive to get to know the city backwards and forwards, to explore its more unusual spaces and to live out heretofore-unimaginable experiences.   

This was an ambitious project in every respect: 3 months of production, 20 days of shooting, 30 hours of film and 60 people featured, counting actors and all cameos. Dreamlike notes of Giacomo Puccini’s Nessun Dorma as the soundtrack invite you to discover an unexpected side of the city. 

Watch—and then re-watch—the video, and each time discover a new detail. Be inspired by the images and live Florence as you never have before


Video by Studio Riprese Firenze.

A special thanks to the partners who allowed use of their facilities:

Antico Setificio Fiorentino 
Circolo del Golf dell’Ugolino
Fattoria di Maiano
Firenze Rafting
Grand Hotel Minerva
Locale Firenze
Macelleria Manetti Massimo
Marchesi Antinori
MUSE Firenze
Museo Salvatore Ferragamo
Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore
Società Canottieri Firenze
The Medici Dynasty Show

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