What you will find

La Ménagère is a symbol of innovation, the brand concept which drives the group is continuous research into culinary, musical and design innovations. A new trendy, urban window, meeting point, and a place for
emerging chefs, designers and artists to collaborate, all characterized by the unmistakable simple style, typical to the brand.
The historic space of La Ménagère, the first homeware shop in Florence, born in 1896, has now been transformed into a concept restaurant and space. 

The restaurant’s philosphy is that of offering high quality food inspired respecting the culinary traditions revisited in a contemporary style. Our menu follows these principles, enriched with contrasts and combinations, culinary oxymorons such as hot-cold, soft crunchy, sweet-savoury. We have chosen to follow the rhythms of the seasons, with the objective of garanteeing always a fresh produce at a lower cost so as to be able to offer a higher end menu but available to all. 

La Ménagère is transformed into a cocktail bar, where authentic bites are prepared to compliment drinks; various recipes, between tradition and innovation, where we continually experiemnt new juxtapositions. This is ‘La Mènagère Store’ an homage to a place and time that is vanishing from Florence. 

In the evening time La Ménagère dresses up for entertainment, the space becomes alive for a drink or a dinner which become even more special. The basement is a space dedicated to live music and it is also used as a place for exhibitions and private events.

The ambitious idea of La Ménagère is that of having a space where musicians can meet, communicate between themselves and the public, becoming a reference point for Jazz lovers.
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Where / Meeting point

Via dè Ginori 8r - 50123 Firenze (FI)