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Idea Toscana was founded in 2002 by a passion for beauty and love for Tuscany of Antonio Pieri and Ludovico Martelli.
The company is specialized in the production and sale of NATURAL AND ORGANIC COSMETICS for personal use, gifts, hotel toiletries and decorative accessories for the home.

Idea Toscana is conceived to enhance the Tuscanity at 360°, combining pictorial, literary and architectural beauty of the region with the cosmetics of the highest quality. Knowledge and flavors, aromas and colors, a healthy lifestyle and the artisan Excellence, these values are transmitted and included in the Idea Toscana products .

A real tribute to the land of Oil, Chianti, and Leonardo Da Vinci: Tuscany through cometics. 

The brand, the best traditional Italian cosmetics heir, wanted to pay homage to its territory through the noble Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil, producing in 2008 the Linea Prima Spremitura. A full range of products for hygiene and body care that respects the environment and consumer health.

The used oil is subject to strict controls, which ensures the authenticity and origin of the precious raw material, thanks to the restrictive PGI production regulations.

In 2012 was born Prima Spremitura Bio, the first Italian face cosmetic line certified by Natrue with ORGANIC COSMETICS, the highest level of certification with at least 95% of raw natural ingredients which are organic certified. 

Idea Toscana is also Prima Fioritura, always dedicated to the wellness of the lips, hands and face with Organic Rose Hips and Damask Rose Extracts and combined with a blend of vegetable oils and butters restore tone and brightness to all skin types.

Daily experience of care and wellness for yourself, 100% natural and Made in Tuscany. 

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Where / Meeting point

Viale Niccolò Machiavelli 65/67 - 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI)