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The symbol of Florentine craftsmanship, the workshop of Paolo Penko is a heritage of traditional jewelery linked to the history of the city, and of unique pieces that are traveling around the world.

In his downtown Florence Craft shop, Master goldsmith Paolo Penko creates, alongside his wife Beatrice and childrens Riccardo and Alessandro, unique handmade pieces of jewelry, inspired by Florence's great artistic and cultural heritage, some of wich are shown at the Bargello Museum and Palazzo Pitti's Silver Museum.

The study of design, the high selection of stones and precious metals, the use of goldsmith techniques give life to exclusive jewels to wear and keep like small treasures. Unique creations with an innovative design, but that reflect centuries of history and traditionHis knowledge of age-old Florentine goldsmithing tecniques allowed him in 2006, to develop the innovative and exclusive "Penkato" method, which envolves the use of the diamond-tipped cutter, of the chisel and engraving burin, in order to obtain a three-dimensional effect typical of de classic engraving tecnique 

THE GOLDEN FIORINO: In 1252, from the Mint of Florence "sprang up like a small sun" what would have been the symbol of the city's economic power: the Golden Fiorino, the coin, representing on one side the Florentine lily together with the inscription "FLOR • ENTIA" and from the other is the effigy of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the city with the inscription "S • IOHANNES • B •".

The reproduction of the Fiorino is made of gilded bronze, silver, 18Kt gold and 24KT gold. It can be mounted on a Plexiglas base as a piece of furniture to be placed on a desk or used as a card holder.

The florin also becomes a jewel to wear as a pendant, hanging from a necklace or a bracelet, as a ring mounted in both a female and male version, or as a pair of earrings, by mounting coins to lobe or pendant. Very glamorous are the florins used as twins especially by the groom on the occasion of his wedding.

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Via Ferdinando Zannetti 14/16r - 50123 Firenze (FI)