Ariadne auf Naxos, the themed itinerary and the opera at the Teatro della Pergola

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  • Available in: Italian, English

What you will find

10/6/22, third exclusive event of MaggioMusicArt:
original walking tour with a certified guide through the streets of Florence and the Strauss and Hofmannsthal opera, Ariadne auf Naxos, on stage at the Teatro della Pergola. This product is only available on Destination Florence and has limited places.


Before attending the opera at the Teatro della Pergola in Florence, you will visit the National Archaeological Museum following a common thread among the works that best illustrate mythology and the role of women in the ancient world, and you will discover the myth of Ariadne.

WALKING TOUR: starting time 5.00pm

You will take a pleasant one and a half hour private walk in Florence, with an expert and licensed guide who will introduce you to the opera staged at the Teatro della Pergola after the guided tour.

You will start from the National Archaeological Museum to talk about mythology and the role of women in ancient times. By choosing the most significant works among the numerous and splendid ancient works, you will get to know the myth of Ariadne and you will be able to observe the importance of the mythological representation on Greek and Etruscan pottery, in the marble and bronze statues. You will discover that women had an important role in society as much as man, through the Etruscan urns and bronze statuettes depicting female subjects.

FREE TIME: from 6.30pm to 8.00pm
At the end of the itinerary you will have an hour and a half at your disposal to have dinner and get ready for the show at the Teatro del Maggio. We remind you that it is possible to dine directly at the restaurant of the Teatro del Maggio.

THE OPERA: starting time 8.00pm

Ariadne auf Naxos by Strauss and Hofmannsthall tackles the myth of Ariadne, who over the centuries had inspired many musicians from Monteverdi onwards, from an ironic and detached perspective, transferring the action into a hybrid dimension in which pathetic and comic elements coexist.

The relationship that is established between the two narrative levels at stake - the reality of the Prologue and the artificial reality of the representation - creates a semantic short-circuit underlined by Strauss through the musical parody that feeds on heterogeneous stylistic features coming both from the serious work and from the funny.

PLEASE NOTE: at the time of purchase you can choose between two different types of sector of the theatre: sector A, seats close to the stage, or sector C, standard seats. Choose the option you prefer. Following the purchase, to finalize the reservation, you will be contacted by us to issue a regular invoice.


  • Expert and licensed guide
  • Guided private tour with introduction to the opera
  • Entrance to the Archaeological Museum
  • Earphones
  • Opera ticket (in the sector chosen at the time of purchase)


This experience is provided by Destination Florence, in collaboration with the Teatro del Maggio and AGT Firenze is the Association of Official Tourist Guides of Florence and its Province.


You can collect opera tickets by showing the voucher, directly at the Teatro della pergola box office before the show, giving the name of the person who bought the package.

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Info / Important details

CANCELLATION POLICY: The package is non-refundable. In case of cancellation / postponement of the date by the Theater, we will proceed with a refund or postponement to a new date.

  • Type: semi private tour
  • Conditions: minimum 2 people
  • Accessibility: wheelchair
  • Duration: 90 minutes walking tour + the opera
  • Voucher: digital and / or printed
  • Language: English and Italian
  • Pets: no

Where / Meeting point

Piazza della Santissima Annunziata 9b - 50125 Firenze (FI)

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