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These are the lands of the Villa di Mondeggi, which dominates a beautiful countryside made up of rolling hills, rows of olive trees and groups of cypresses. Mondeggi is a stone's throw from the city, reachable from both Grassina and Antella.

The park is not signposted, but just follow the signs for Mondeggi and reach one of the entrances. The entrance from via di Pullicciano also has a parking lot.

The park has FREE access and no time restrictions. Two routes, one historical and the other naturalistic, are marked on special explanatory signs. The signs are a constant throughout the journey, illustrating the flora and fauna, as well as the history of the park and its transformations.

The environment is changeable, between the woods, the limit of cultivated and non-cultivated fields, and you can walk along the entire estate, or take the country roads that surround it and which still lead to splendid landscapes.


  • For those who want to spend the whole day there are 7 rest areas with wooden benches and tables, to have a picnic;
  • in a dedicated area there are also special spaces for making barbeque.

The possessions of Mondeggi have a very ancient origin, in fact they are already mentioned by the documents of the Vallombrosan monks of the Badia di San Casciano in Montescalari and also documents dating back to the fourteenth century refer to Mondeggi of a "palace with three houses" probably annexed to a body factory, as a "lord's house" owned by the Florentine Bardi family, which in 1427 was sold to the Portinari.

On 16 October 1488 Tommaso, known as Folco Portinari, his nephew's procurator, donated the villa to the “hospital of Santa Maria Nuova” who, in 1506, sold it to Guidetto Guidetti. The property passed to the della Gherardesca family. In 1862, at the behest of Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, an extensive renovation of the entire building was carried out which was enlarged by the architects Angelo Foggi and Vincenzo Buffi and frescoed by Olimpio Bandinelli.

After other renovations carried out in 1888 and 1923, the Gherardesca counts sold it (1938) to the Ascoli family, from which the villa passed to the Riva who carried out other internal modification works; in 1964 Mondeggi became the property of the Provincial Administration of Florence together with the adjoining farm.
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Where / Meeting point

Via di Pullicciano - 50012 Bagno a Ripoli (FI)