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Until January 22, 2023 at Palazzo Strozzi Olafur Eliasson: In your time, the largest exhibition ever created in Italy by the artist and a direct result of his work on the Renaissance spaces of the palace. Large installations, minimal interventions and sculptures immerse the entire Palazzo Strozzi in a play of light and shadow, reflections and colors, inviting visitors to observe themselves and the architecture in a completely new way.

Curated by Arturo Galansino, General Director of the Palazzo Strozzi Foundation, the exhibition creates an engaging path between new installations and historical works, transcending the boundaries and physical limits of space. Palazzo Strozzi thus becomes a meeting place between architecture and its history, works and people, space and time.


The starting point of the exhibition is Under the weather, a site-specific work for the public space of the courtyard, consisting of a large suspended elliptical structure that creates an effect made of visual interference in the eyes of visitors, similar to the flickering of a screen.

The exhibition continues inside the building where Eliasson's direct dialogue with architecture is revealed through the use of artificial lights, fleeting shadows, reflections, moiré effect and intense colors. The building is not just a simple container or a background, but becomes a co-producer of the works, a creative tool that interacts with the perception of visitors.

The path ends in the Strozzina spaces through works that continue Eliasson's reflection on the perception and use of the moiré effect. Presented to the public for the first time is Your view matter, a new work by the artist who uses virtual reality to experience human perception in the digital space.

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Piazza Strozzi - 50123 Firenze (FI)