Enjoy Florence, respect it

#EnjoyRespectFirenze is the awareness campaign of the City of Florence to remind people what behaviors are wrong, but also which practices are good in order to properly live the city and organize your stay at its best.

Florence has more than 2,000 years worth of history and an inestimable artistic heritage. It is a city of extreme beauty, yet fragile. That’s why we’re asking you to take good care of it: Florence can be even more beautiful if each one of us, with a polite and correct behavior, shall contribute in making it more livable in everyone’s interest.

Welcome to Florence and enjoy your stay!


The streets, parvis, stairs are not benches nor tables

It is forbidden to "camp" on the stairs of the monuments and churches, at the entrance of buildings and in the streets; it is forbidden to lay down, eat, drink on public soil.

Avoid games or pranks that can put you and other people in danger

It is forbidden to climb monuments, enter the fountains, access bridge strainers. It is forbidden to cause danger or scare on public soil. It is forbidden to anyone intoxicated with alcohol to attend public places or wander the streets.

Monuments are everyone's gift, respect them

Painting monuments, walls, doors with any type of writing or graffiti, is a major felony punishable by law. It is forbidden to dirty or damage any public place with own behavior.

Florence is more beautiful when clean

It is forbidden to throw trash on public soil, like paper, bottles, cans, containers, cigarettes or any other object.

Florence is not a beach

Your clothes must be appropriate, all around the city and particularly inside worship places.

No Fake

Do not buy fake merchandise, or even if you have doubts about its origin, from illegal vendors displaying their goods in the streets or elsewhere. All illegal vendors is punishable by law; but even you could get a fine up to€ 7.000 if you buy from them.

Lower the volume

It is forbidden to disrupt public calm and everyone's quiet time with noise, screams, musical instruments or any other means. Especially from 24:00 to 07:00.

Use public toilets

It is forbidden to use the public soil as toilet, wash oneself and show intimate body parts.

From the city police regulations: "Regulations for appropriate coexistence in the city"


This is a list of practical information that we hope can contribute in making your stay easier and better.

Public toilets

There are many toilets, spread out all around the city. Toilets can also be found in bars and restaurants, but they're at exclusive use of its clients (if you get a coffee, for instance, you can use the toilets for free).

Potable water

Good quality, fresh, free, still or sparkling potable water? You can find it in Florence by the potable water fountains. The one in the center is in Piazza della Signoria on the walls of Palazzo Vecchio, close to the horse statue. Take a glass or bottle with you: it's good for the environment and the wallet.

Info points

There are 5 official tourist info points in the city: piazza Stazione, via Cavour, Bigallo (piazza Duomo) Airport Vespucci and Parco delle Cascine. You can find info on museums, events, public transportation, in addition to free maps and brochures.

Where to have a snack

If you wish to sit down or have a snack, there are suitable places: there are several benches in Florence, in gardens and piazzas; the parco delle Cascine (Park), the city's green lung, situated just a few minutes from piazza Stazione, is the ideal place for a picnic.


Use suitable trash cans for your trash, there dumpsters for recycling; do not throw on the ground chewing-gum, use the trash can instead.