The Garden of Parnassus

" The Garden of Parnassus is a fascinating and mysterious place, different from the other gardens in Florence. Situated on the Florentine hills, above the Horticulture Garden, it’s very known by the locals but it’s not a main destination for tourists.

It’s a magical place and it’s worth a visit, first of all because it offers a beautiful terrace on Florence, where you can enjoy a fantastic view over the historic center and a privileged view of the elegant "Serra Roster". And then because on the main staircase that crosses the garden you will find an extraordinary creature... a giant snake.

Although everyone calls it "the Garden of the Dragon" (just because of the strange snake that looks more like a dragon), the name “Parnasso” derives from the myth of Apollo, who killed the monstrous snake Python on the Mount Parnassus."

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Address: Via Trento, 11 , 50139 Firenze (FI)
Best time to visit: Go there at dusk: the show is creepy!

The Garden of Parnassus

Via Trento, 11