Internationally renowned Gucci brand formed in Florence in 1921

A look at the beginnings of the fashion powerhouse.

Everyone has heard of Gucci, but perhaps you might be less familiar with its Florentine origins and its connection with the city today. Born in Florence, Guccio Gucci founded his fashion brand in the city of his origin at the age of 40.

His leather goods were inspired by his experience travelling and working in Europe, particularly in Paris and London where he worked at the Hotel Savoy and spent his time among the wealthy English who delighted in suitcases, travel bags, and clothing for horseriding. These origins gave his style a distinctive look that blended the elements favored by the English nobility with Italian production and Florentine leather goods. 

From Florence to the world 
His first store was founded in via della Vigna Nuova, from where it became one of the most influential Italian fashion houses ever, which it still is today, even after a century. The iconic symbols inspired by the world of horse racing became the brand’s signature stamp, with the miniature horse bit consisting of a double ring joined by a bar and the green and red woven ribbon the instantly recognizable trademark of Gucci. 

It wasn’t long before the brand leaped across the pond, with the first Gucci store opening on 58th Street in New York In the mid-1930s, catapulting its international success. Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn and global icon Jackie Kennedy showcased the outstanding designs, making Gucci a firm favourite in the world of entertainment and a true reference point for fashion worldwide. 

Gucci Garden in Florence
In 2018, the artistic director of Gucci, Alessandro Michele, inaugurated the Gucci Garden museum in Florence inside the historic Palazzo della Mercanzia in the city centre. A boutique filled with glamorous designs and unique items features, along with the Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura restaurant with its Michelin star winning chef. The Gucci Garden Galleria exhibition area curated by critic Maria Luisa Frisa never fails to delight fashion fans also. 

Fashionable Florence
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