This Etrusco-Roman hilltop city, only a few kilometers from Florence, offers priceless views and a wide range of attractions.

In this “All around Florence” article you are going to discover one of the oldest and most important villages in the Florentine surroundings: Fiesole. A Tuscan gem that faces the golden Florentine valley, a place that despite its modest size contains an array of matchless treasures. The city’s mix of history, culture and nature is a must-see in the Florence area, especially given its close proximity to the city center. 

Things to do in Fiesole

The Maiano Farm

Fattoria di Maiano is the most important and largest farm in the hills near Florence: over 300 hectares cultivated using organic methods. The area is included in the hills that go from Fiesole to Settignano and offers, in some specific points, a truly fascinating overview of the city. Inside, there is also Monte Ceceri, the peak from which Leonardo da Vinci tested his flying machine in 1506. The heart of the park consists of a stone quarry, the most important in the area, from which the columns of the Uffizi Gallery and the Chapel of the Princes of San Lorenzo were obtained: it was in fact a place of reference for artists such as Michelangelo and patrons such as Lorenzo the Magnificent. Discover all the experiences you can have at Fattoria di Maiano!

Slow Tourism in Fiesole

Trust the experience of FiesoleBike for a fully customizable e-bike tour in the hills of Fiesole. Depending on the season, you will reach a monastery still inhabited by monks at over 800 meters above sea level or Michelangelo's childhood home. You will cross the path of the Via degli dei, the ancient Via Flaminia Minor, the Etruscan Road that crossed the Apennine mountains at least 200 years before Christ. During the trip, we will get some fragrant bread and fresh seasonal vegetables from local farmers. Then we will have a small gastronomic break in Giorgio's farm, where we will eat outdoors in the farmyard, tasting his extra virgin olive oil and his good wine. It will not be a touristic experience, but a little adventure: local life away from crowded places.

For trekking lovers, on the other hand, it is possible to discover Fiesole thanks to the Renaissance Ring, with two stages:

  • Vaglia – Alberaccio - Fiesole, skirting the Apennines, at the foot of which is Vaglia with its Convent of Montesenario, you will find splendid views of Florence up to the center of Fiesole (23km/6.40h). Instead, the Vaglia-Alberaccio-Santa Brigida variant will take us up to Poggio Ripaghera, a protected natural area where you can't miss the centuries-old chestnut grove (17.5 km/ 3h).
  • Fiesole / Santa Brigida - Pontassieve
    (13 km/4h), the stage that plunges into the Tuscan countryside, among farmhouses, vineyards and mills and ends in Pontassieve with its Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso which dates back to the 15th century and houses an altar of serene stone.

And also, with the beautiful Path of the Etruscans which goes from Volterra to Fiesole with a distance of 90 km. Instead, for a local itinerary, the Quarry Routes in Fiesole is recommended, discovering the material used by Donatello, Brunelleschi, Vasari, Michelangelo, Cellini, to name a few, and the activity that was once prevalent in this area: that of the stonemason.


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What to see in Fiesole

A real archeological treasure

First stop, the origins. Fiesole’s roots date to the Etruscan period, as evidenced by the large number of Etruscan and Roman artifacts: as you explore the area’s rich archeological heritage, the city’s important role in history will become glaringly evident. Among the various treasures, you’ll find Etruscan city walls still visible today in various parts of the city and the Archeological Area (on via delle Mura Etrusche), which occupies the zone’s center and houses the most important Roman structures: the famous Roman Theater of Fiesole (still used today for concerts and performances), the temple and thermal baths, not to mention the various other minor structures dotting the area. Things to know! Fiesole’s archeological area is also the location of one of the city’s main events: Estate Fiesolana. This festival features events, music and shows and runs from mid-June until the beginning of August.

The Museums of Fiesole
You can visit the Civic Archeological Museum to browse the various artifacts collected during archeological digs. Last but not least, don’t miss the acropolis, found at the top of the sky-high city: a spot you can access by climbing the panoramic via San Francesco. And also, the Bandini Museum with paintings from the medieval Renaissance and terracottas made by the Della Robbias, and the Primo Conti Foundation, with paintings by the great Florentine painter of the twentieth century. The entrance to the three museums is allowed with the Firenzecard. 

The city’s religious soul?
The Convent of San Francesco is located on the highest point of the city. You can reach it with a short but steep panoramic climb that starts from Piazza Mino da Fiesole, passing by the terrace of the "Belvedere" where you will enjoy a wonderful view of Florence. Once you arrive, stop to admire the Gothic-style facade of the church and the adjacent building that houses the convent, with an imposing external loggia.
Finally, the splendid Badia Fiesolana, the most illustrious place of worship in Fiesole, which absolutely deserves a visit for the fascinating architectural layout of the façade, in Romanesque style, and for the many works of art preserved inside.

How to reach Fiesole

Fiesole is located a few minutes from Florence and can be easily reached by bus with line 7.

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