Ways to spend a weekend with friends in Florence

A trip to the Renaissance city with friends is a never-ending memory-making adventure.

Gather together the women who make you laugh and who are there for you through everything, and share magic moments in the stunning city of Florence; an experience to be added to everyone’s to-do list. A trip with friends to Florence is a great idea at any time of the year, with easy access to the city from all over Italy, and endless ways to spend your time. Here are our suggestions for an unforgettable trip. 

Itinerary in Florence with friends - Destination Florence

The rooms of Eleonora da Toledo
Eleonora da Toledo was the daughter of the Viceroy of Naples and wife of Cosimo I de Medici, and Florence’s original first lady. She lived in the mid-sixteenth century, but her mindset was far beyond her times. She was by her husband’s side in all his affairs, and educated her daughters in the way that sons were. She was a great lover of Florentine fashion and art, as you’ll see when you visit her rooms on the second floor of Palazzo Vecchio.

The home of Cosimo and Eleonora together with their eleven children was decorated by Giorgio Vasari, with one of those rooms dedicated to Penelope, among the most famous female characters in mythology. A ticket to the Palazzo Vecchio Museum will grant you access to these spectacular spaces. Discover other Florentine ladies.

Florentine fashion tour: Gucci and Ferragamo
You may not be the biggest fashionista, but there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of Gucci and Ferragamo, leading names in Italian style. These world-famous brands had their origins right here, with stories of craftsmanship and made in Italy part of the very culture.

A Fashion Tour takes you through the museums of Gucci and Ferragamo accompanied by a guide who will detail the magnificent historic buildings and the wondrous creations that lie within. Explore scent by discovering the perfume of France’s ‘Black Queen’, Caterina de 'Medici, produced in the centuries-old apothecary of Santa Maria Novella. The tour ends with an aperitivo to toast your friendship, fashion, and Florence.

Exhibitions and events in Florence
It’s certain that Florence’s many exhibitions and events are excellent reasons to visit. Whether it’s the rich cultural heritage, innovative contemporary exhibitions, or the long list of top performers that come to the stage, Destination Florence’s calendar of events is always worth checking out.

Works by women
In the city, you’ll come across many works by female artists. Don’t miss Artemisia Gentileschi’s works in the Uffizi and Palazzo Pitti, and those by Plautilla Nelli, and Elisabeth Chaplin, and definitely the eight superwomen murals by #Lediesis that appeared on the streets of Florence on March 8, 2019: Frida Kahlo, Princess Leila, Sophia Loren, Nefertiti, the Madonna, Rita Levi Montalcini, Margherita Hack and Beatrix Kiddo.

Gardens and hills in Chianti
When the weather is fine, time in nature is a balm to the soul. Visit some of the most fascinating Florentine gardens to witness true natural works of art: Boboli, Bardini, Rose and Iris Gardens. Or take advantage of the Tuscan capital to treat yourself to a picnic immersed in greenery with a delicious Tuscan picnic basket, or time among the cypresses in the Chianti to savour the scents and flavours of the wine and cuisine.

Pink Taxi
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