Outside the Walls: Discover the Sights Near Florence

Venture beyond the city walls to discover lush greenery, romantic landscapes and a spectacular array of art and culture.

You don’t have to venture far from Florence to see the best of Tuscany and the region’s riches. Besides its rolling hills and dreamlike towns, the surrounding scenery is a treasure map of Roman ruins, Renaissance masterpieces and picturesque waterscapes. 

Here are some places worth visiting: 


If you’re looking for a mix of history, art and modern culture, Fiesole is the place for you.
This Etrusco-Roman hilltop city, located a short way away from Florence, offers visitors a chance to dive headfirst into Tuscan history – all while reveling in the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.
Boasting Etruscan origins, this city has an incredible Archeological Area featuring a museum and Roman theater. And that’s not all: the city is also home to awe-inspiring churches and museums, like the Bandini Museum housing Della Robbia masterpieces.
Besides the countless artistic and historic treasures, a stroll through the city’s narrow streets – surrounded by lively cafes and restaurants splashed with a taste of modern Italy – is sure to afford one-of-a-kind views of Florence from above. 

How to get there from Florence:
Take the ATAF number 7 bus from La Pira in piazza San Marco to Fiesole’s main square, piazza Mino da Fiesole.  


Located about 25 km north of Florence, Vicchio is a small lakeside town known as the birthplace of renowned painters Giotto and Beato Angelico.
Part of Tuscany’s Mugello area, a territory in northern Tuscany known for its lush, rolling landscapes, Vicchio offers a wide range of activities for art and nature lovers alike.
Visitors can head to Giotto’s house or admire the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio in the namesake piazza, not to mention the sacred art museum named after the brilliant Beato Angelico. And besides its rich artistic offerings, this picturesque town is the perfect place for a woodland stroll, a lakeside gelato or a fishing day with friends. 

How to get there from Florence:
Take a train from the Santa Maria Novella railway station or SITA bus (from the bus station on via Santa Caterina da Siena, 15/17), which both bring you directly to Vicchio.

Thermal baths 

Need a break from the city’s full-immersion artistic itineraries?
In the province of Florence, you’ll find a jaw-dropping beauty to help you unwind: the Terme della Via Francigena in Gambassi Terme, a land once home to Etruscan and Roman settlements.
This spa harnesses the benefits of acqua salsa di Pillo, salt-bromine water with invigorating chemical properties.
The Tuscan getaway also offers treatments ranging from aromatherapy to massages and holistic treatments, including the Cammino del Benessere, which includes a relaxing indoor hydro massage and a Finnish sauna.
It’s the perfect destination for tourists looking to dip their toes in thermal waters while enjoying the surrounding countryside, one that leads the way to the beautiful Chianti region along the age-old Via Francigena

How to get there from Florence:
Take a train from the Santa Maria Novella railway station to Castelfiorentino. Once there, hop on the bus (line 34) at the Castelfiorentino 4fs stop and get off at the via Certaldese li Sn stop, which is only a few minutes away from the spa. 

Renai Park 

About 10 km southeast of Florence, located near Signa’s city center, you’ll find one of Europe’s principal river parks: Renai Park.
This beautiful green space features a public swimming pool and an array of ponds scattered across sandy terrain. The area offers visitors the chance to enjoy a day under the sun or indulge in a wide range of activities: choose between rock-climbing, sail boating, tennis, skateboarding, volleyball and more, or opt to spend the day enjoying a picnic with friends and relaxing in the natural landscape. The eco-friendly park, home to numerous play areas, a restaurant and pizzeria, also hosts occasional artistic performances in the outdoor coffee area, transforming the idyllic space into a romantic getaway. In short, it’s the perfect spot to get in touch with nature without venturing too far from Florence’s historic center. 

How to get there from Florence: 
The park can be reached by bike by following 10 km of dirt path along the Arno River from Florence’s Cascine Park; you can also arrive by train from the Santa Maria Novella railway station.

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